Half Rice Diet Quick Look

A Quick Look at the Half Rice Diet

  1. Eat whenever you are hungry
  2. Eat at an Eight Hour Window each day
  3. Eat half a cup of rice as “carbohydrate source” for each meal
  4. Eat a serving of protein with the half cup of rice each meal
  5. Eat an optional serving vegetables a couple of times each day
  6. Drink an optional Protein Shake with a scoop or two of whey on some of your daily meals
  7. Or Drink a glass of milk with one of your meals

Who is this for?

  1. People who want a very easy way to lose weight
  2. People who have difficulty sticking to very strict diets
  3. People who can’t stop eating rice
  4. People who would like to lose weight without giving up rice
  5. People who don’t eat rice ( gasp?! Who doesn’t LOVE rice )
    But would love to know what they have been missing all their lives!
  6. People who want to lose fat
  7. People who want to lose it fast
  8. People who want a quick start for another more moderate diet
  9. People who just want to start a healthy lifestyle

This Diet is a work on progress being tweaked in the next 12 weeks. For more a more detailed look into it see. Why Half Rice? and the Half Rice Diet Draft 1. Wanna see this diet work? Visit the Half Rice Diet Journal updated everyday with pictures and stats.