Why Half Rice?

Why Half Rice?

I cannot count the number of gym mates, friends, family, classmates and friends of friends who have consulted me regarding the sustainability of their “diets.” And it wasn’t because I was the fittest nor the most muscular person they knew. In fact, like them I struggled throughout the years to come up with a diet that could fit a normal person’s ( like me )lifestyle.

I have personally tried a whole lot of diets out there for quite some time. ( And am also guilty of pushing the latest diet craze to my trusting “diet seeker” friends ). And like most of people I just couldn’t make it work for my own lifestyle. The list includes the common: Atkins, South Beach, Warrior Diet, Keto, Body for Life, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle… etc ..

Personally I could stick to these diets for a maximum of 8 weeks before reverting to my old habits. All the people around me never really stuck to any diet I had “constructed” for them for more than a couple of weeks ( I construct diets for a lot of people because they don’t have time nor the necessary knowledge to do it on their own ) . Because these diets were simply too impractical for “real people.” The diets demanded that people drastically transform their lifestyles to fit the diet rather than the diet itself fit their lifestyles. These diets demanded a huge change of lifestyle which many cannot implement on a long term basis. Most people just find it too hard for their diets to take over their careers, family, social life.. their lives…

Not everyone has the willpower to put themselves on a strict and complicated diet. And it is not because they are weak, unmotivated and do not have “what it takes.” Instead these people have the rest of their lives to attend to. For a student who is taking classes and studying for exams in the morning and having to work late hours during the evening, a strict diet would be unsustainable. For a call center agent, the stress from working irregular hours and generally “social eating habits” doesn’t give them the luxury to eat a certain amount of calories every x hours. Then there are doctors, engineers, nurses, affiliate marketers, webmasters and other professionals who really can’t afford for their diets to “run their lives” because they are all focused on their careers and families. All of us want to enjoy life and not make our diets run our lives for us. If there was a diet that one could easily fit into their existing ( and enjoyable ) lifestyle that wouldn’t “slow them down” other areas of their loves then that would be the perfect diet that for that particular person.

Because me and many friends and a couple billion people love rice I will attempt to develop a diet that is centered around rice as the primary carbohydrate source. Rice in almost all meals. Believe it or not for many that hardly sounds like a diet!

This diet fits my lifestyle and hundreds of others as well. It is simple and is designed to make the dieters life free from “diet madness.” ( Have you ever seen someone who has eaten rice all their life being told that the only way to lose weight was to stop eating rice completely? )

In the next 12 to 16 weeks I will attempt to develop this diet into something that is easy to follow, simple to remember and fit the lifestyles of as many varied dieters as possible. I cannot develop a universal diet that will work for everyone. This diet has limitations. It, for example, cannot be used for a steroid enhanced bodybuilder or even an amateur athlete looking to bulk up as it is a calorie reduced diet. The Half Rice Diet is a weight and fat loss diet.

Here are the rules for the diet

Eat whenever you are hungry
Eat for at an Eight Hour Window each day
Eat half a cup of rice as “carbohydrate source” for each meal
Eat a serving of protein with the half cup of rice each meal
Eat an optional serving vegetables a couple of times each day
Drink an optional Protein Shake with a scoop or two of whey on some of your daily meals
Or Drink a glass of milk with one of your meals

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