First Draft of the Half Rice Diet

About Numbers

First, I would like to say that this diet is aimed at normal people living normal lives. The one thing that

people hate more than dieting itself was counting calories. The moment they hear numbers they just turn away or totally ignore you. Case in point:

Miss Dieter: So which foods am I allowed to eat? ( looking at a list I made for her )
Mr. Me: You can eat anything on the list as long as you stay below your maintenance 1600 calories. In fact you don’t have to be that strict all days. Just be sensible in your food choices.
Miss Dieter: (seemingly not hearing anything ) So… Which foods am I allowed to eat?

Simply put a diet that is easy to follow is a diet that’s going to be followed. A friend of mine just told me while I was writing an article that her nutritionist gave her a diet that was very hard to follow but effective. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually have diet that’s easy to follow while being effective? This is what we hope to accomplish with the Half Rice Diet.

The Half Rice Diet Rules

  1. Eat whenever you are hungry
  2. Eat for at an Eight Hour Window each day
  3. Eat half a cup of rice as “carbohydrate source” for each meal
  4. Eat a serving of protein with the half cup of rice each meal
  5. Eat an optional serving vegetables a couple of times each day
  6. Drink an optional Protein Shake with a scoop or two of whey on some of your daily meals
  7. Or Drink a glass of milk with one of your meals

Sample of Daily Diet Plan

Meal 1 ( 12pm )

½ cup rice ( it’s white rice too! )
1 can of Tuna ( drained of water and washed )
½ cup of Vegetables
1 Glass of Protein Drink

Meal 2 ( 3pm )

½ cup rice
1 slice of steamed fish
½ cup of Mongo beans

Meal 3 ( 6pm )

½ cup rice
1 chicken breast adobo
½ cup of vegetables

Meal 4 ( 6pm )½ cup rice

1 can Tuna
1 Hard Boiled Eggs
1 Glass of Chocolate Milk

Half Rice Diet Exercise Regimen

Weight Training or Cardio?

Because of the nature of this diet it is important not to do too much of both. In fact, I would say that you should only choose one. Which one? I’d recommend that most people start with weight training. Weight training can “change your shape” while cardiovascular training will only make you a smaller or bigger you… That’s oversimplifying a bit but do go with weight lifting. For some people it is more important to be comfortable than it is to be efficient, so if you are one of these people then go with cardio.

If you are an accomplished and seasoned lifter it is best that you drastically reduce the volume and weight of the exercises you do. This is quite a calorie restricted diet even for a novice bodybuilder. It is imperative that you have the discipline not to go all out on your training and “cruise” because you will overtrain severely if you don’t.

If you are a new lifter, you can try some full body exercises three times a week. But go slow and its okay to skip sessions if you feel lethargic. Depending on your weight and size it will be very easy to overtrain. With the Half Rice Diet, training takes a distant second priority to diet. In fact for some larger individuals it might be best to just walk a few days a week. This diet is really very calorie restrictive that that alone should take care of your weight loss. You are just exercising for overall wellness. So unlike other programs make sure you don’t go all out on exercise!

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  1. gonna try this! =)
    im 145 lbs.. starting half rice diet every meal..
    hope it work!

  2. thanks for the comment mz-akira! i need to get back to it once again too! perhaps we could keep tabs on each other. This works I guarantee!

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