2012 HalfRice Diet Journal – Day 39

Day 39 Half Rice Diet 2012 (March 6,  2012)

Height: 5 ft 8
Starting Waist: 43 inches
Starting weight: 202

Lose 5-10 Pounds After 4 Weeks (X)
Lose 10-15 Pounds After 8 Weeks
Lose 15-20 Pounds After 12 Weeks
Lose 43 Pounds of fat for 2012 (from 60 Pounds of fat at 30% BF – 200 lbs)

Bring my Glucose, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL, Liver Values to normal levels and be healthier all around

I’ll be uploading typical meals I’ve been eating for the duration of the diet.

For today I had

Meal 0:
Half a Cup of Rice
Fried Chicken

Meal 1:
  Half a Cup of Rice
2 Sunny Side Ups
Some Veggies on Tomato Sauce
Half a Fried Chicken =)

Meal 2:
Half Fried Chicken
Yams (Ran out of Rice)

Meal 3:
  Half a Cup of Rice
Chicken Liver + Heart
Scrambled Egg + Tons of Tomato
Others, Energy Drink


Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Calves Day


Today I am very positive about the success of this diet in the long run. Just a few more tweaks and a few more disciplinary thoughts and I’m sure on the way to losing weight.

The past 40 days has been a learning experience for me but it’s been great. I haven’t lost a ton of weight and I’m holding a ton of water from my extra high sodium intake but I feel a lot better about my body.

I am able to work well and I feel that I’m slowly becoming stronger. That is one of the most important feelings that I value in fitness. Feeling strong. I am sure it is all relative but it does feel nice to pick up heavy things and be able to lift them with confidence.

That’s not to mean I am powerlifting. In fact in the gym I attend I probably belong to the lower 25% percentile when it comes to lifting poundage. But I’m an old guy not wanting to impress gym goers. I feel old with the company of young men pushing really heavy weights with their buddy spotters.

They remind me of what my friends and I were doing a very long time ago. Ah the cycle of gym life. Perhaps one day I’ll feel like that old guy that everyone keeps seeing at the gym. Pleasant, happy and wrinkly. ;) But Strong!





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