2012 HalfRice Diet Journal – Day 41

Day 41 Half Rice Diet 2012 (March 8,  2012)

Height: 5 ft 8
Starting Waist: 43 inches
Starting weight: 202

Lose 5-10 Pounds After 4 Weeks (X)
Lose 10-15 Pounds After 8 Weeks
Lose 15-20 Pounds After 12 Weeks
Lose 43 Pounds of fat for 2012 (from 60 Pounds of fat at 30% BF – 200 lbs)

Bring my Glucose, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL, Liver Values to normal levels and be healthier all around

I’ll be uploading typical meals I’ve been eating for the duration of the diet.

For today I had

Meal 1:
Half a Cup of Rice
3Fried Eggs
a little bit of Chicken Adobo

Meal 2:
  3xHalf a Cup of Rice
Pork Barbeque

Meal 3:
  Half a Cup of Rice
Pork Humba
Others, Energy Drink


Hour Long Walk






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