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Half Rice Meister

Half Rice Meister

HalfRice.com is run by Mark Rubrico in response to people’s request for a “real world” guide in losing weight, while not having to give up eating rice . Dozens of my friends, family and gym buddies have asked me to create a diet that would fit into their lifestyles and that was meant to be as simple as possible a dog can actually do it. ( Just in case you are wondering yes, my obese dog lost over half of its body weight in just about 8 weeks time on the Half Rice Diet )

HalfRice.com is all about making a system work for real people with real jobs with real time constraints who live in the real world. As promised I will continually try to develop the Half Rice diet for not only to those who requested it but also to those who are looking to for alternative to the other diets and programs out there. The Half Rice Diet is aimed to be the simplest and easiest way to lose weight.

Feel free to suggest or contact me about the diet at halfrice @ y m a i l .c o m ,

Skeptical about this diet? Feel free to ignore how I will transform myself in the next 12 weeks through daily pictures using the Half Rice Diet by not clicking here.

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